Pauline Odinga, the more youthful sister to Azimio official competitor Raila Odinga, says the carefully prepared lawmaker’s family has plans ready to go to praise his conceivable political decision triumph.

Addressing Nairobi News at her home in Bondo, Siaya County, Pauline additionally communicated certainty his sibling will be chosen the country’s next president.

“We are sure of a success,” she said.

“There are plans for a fabulous festival at his Bondo home and the nation over.”

According to the festivals, she, will start at the Kang’o Ka Jaramogi home.

“The entryways (to our house) are consistently open. When the outcomes are reported and he is pronounced (president), the festivals will initiate, nobody will return home on void stomach.”

Pauline additionally focused on that Raila isn’t a ‘line’ as guaranteed by a part of his rivals as he ‘grew up very much like some other town man and followed the Luo customs’.

“My sibling began from a modest foundation like some other individual. He pitched his most memorable house here (showing Raila’s simba).”

The main house was worked of lumber. It is an indication of how the official up-and-comer is enthused about safeguarding his practices.

Pauline adds that every single one of the family’s seventeen kin are blissful and strong of Raila’s political bid.

“In spite of being in the political field for quite a while, he cherishes his loved ones. We have advanced such a huge amount from my sibling,” said Pauline.

“He is a caring sibling. We will continuously uphold him,” noted Pauline.

Raila and Pauline are children of Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, Kenya’s most memorable VP, presently perished.

Oginga’s different youngsters are Dr Oburu Oginga who’s been chosen Siaya Senator, Ngire Agola, Wenwa Akinyi, Beryl Achieng, Odima Omondi, Shadrack Osewe, Oginga Ruth Adhiambo, Caroline Walkowa, Akinyi, Isaac Omondi, Emily Onyango, Pauline Adhiambo, Kevin Opiyo Odinga, Lemmy Odongo, Odinga, Corazon Acquino, Albert Adur and Wilson Adinga.

Every one of Jaramogi’s youngsters and three of his spouses are as yet alive.


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