Redge Green is an entertainer who is for the most part distinguished for his job in the 1991 American transitioning hood show film named Boyz n the Hood. Redge depicted the job of Little Chris in the film Boyz n the Hood and from that point forward, he has not been highlighted in any major onscreen creation. He plays additionally played parts in films like AfterMASH (1983) and Highway to Heaven (1984).

Redge Green: Bio Summary

Name Redge Green
Age N/A
Gender Male
Renowned as Boyz N the Hood entertainer
Birthplace Richmond, California
Occupation actor, speaker

Who Is Redge Green?

Redge Green is notable as an entertainer. He was highlighted in the 1991 film, “Boyz N the Hood”, which acquired basic and business achievement and earned $57.5 million in North America. The movie was designated for Best Director and Best Original Screenplay at the 64th Academy Awards.

Redge was additionally projected in the motion pictures named “AfterMASH,” “Roadway to Heaven,” “Fall Guy,” “What’s going on Now,” and “Various Strokes.”

Redge Green’s Early Life And Why He is in a wheelchair

For what reason is Redge green in a wheelchair? Redge Green spent his initial days in Richmond, California. At an extremely youthful age of 6, Redge had chance during a contention between two neighbors. He was utilized by an obscure man to shield himself from being shot. Redge lost his father after he endure the discharge. His dad passed on from a medication glut.

Redge Green spent quite a while in a wheelchair. At the point when he was youthful, he had absence of certainty. Redge uncovered that at age 13 he began as an understudy at the Center. As per his words, he said in a meeting, “It was from my own will that I chose to make. I started in the Center as an understudy at age 13, through the Cedar Program which used East Bay Center as a space.”


Redge is an entertainer by calling. He turned into an expert entertainer at 13 years old when he played in the film called Able To Do. He showed up in films like Diff’rent Strokes as Stuart Thompson and After MASH as Reggie/Patient/Reggie Evans in 1984, Highway to Heaven as Terry in 1985, A Winner Never Quits as Veteran in 1986, What’s Happening Now! as Reggie in 1988, and the famous Boyz n the Hood as Chris in 1991.

Redge chose to change his vocation from acting and turned into a speaker. He is a persuasive orator who is likewise the CEO of a not-for-profit association called “Enabling Youth.” He serves with BrotheRedge Ministries.

Redge Green has made a trip to a few spots addressing young people and grown-ups to engage and teach them, which has mixed changes in the existences of many. He hasn’t permitted his state of being to hinder his work.

The Film Boyz N the Hood

Boyz N the Hood is a film wherein Redge Green featured as Chris ‘Little Chris’. The film is a 1991 American transitioning hood show film that is one of John Singleton’s significant works. The film acquired many crowds and debuted in Los Angeles on July 2, 1991, and was dramatically delivered in the United States ten days after the fact.

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